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Home » Creativity in Business: 5 Ways to Kick It Up a Notch – Matthew Nicosia

Creativity in Business: 5 Ways to Kick It Up a Notch – Matthew Nicosia

Creativity in Business: 5 Ways to Kick It Up a Notch - Matthew Nicosia

Creativity in business is required to cross many obstacles entrepreneurs typically face. According to Matthew Nicosia, business creativity helps strategize, solve problems, and take initiatives that can play a major role in growing the business.

If you think you lack creative skills, Matthew Nicosia would beg to differ. In fact, you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can always improve your creativity and use your newly acquired skills efficiently for your business.

So, how do you do this? Let’s find out.

Matthew Nicosia Suggests 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Creativity in Business

Most people believe that business management is primarily on logical thinking skills. However, your creative skills are just as much part of management as any other skill required for this task. Hence, Matthew Nicosia proposes the following simple ways you can improve creativity in business.

1.    Take a Break

Taking a break and exploring the outdoors is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. You can schedule a short break from time to time to focus solely on your business and think of creative ways that will help you find answers that may be a little out of the ordinary.

Fresh air and being surrounded by nature can have astounding effects on how one thinks and can boost your thinking process to develop creative solutions and ideas. 

2.    Build Your Network with Likeminded People

Establishing a business requires you to build a network. Try to engage with people who are always willing to have healthy debates and can open your mind to new possibilities. Fruitful discussions can often lead to surprising revelations, which can be an excellent way to become more open to newer ideas.

3.    Don’t be Afraid to Execute Creative Ideas and Fail

One thing that makes many entrepreneurs hesitate to pull creative ideas is fear. The fear of failure can make the smartest of people hold back from executing their creative solution.

Matthew Nicosia suggests becoming more open to failure. Calculated risks can be beneficial. As long as you are prepared for both; the good and the bad. So, execute those ideas and plan well for any kind of outcome.

4.    Think Big but Take Small Steps

Creativity has no limits. You can go above and beyond with the simplest of ideas and solutions. However, you must remember to take small steps initially. Going big on a sudden whim can have a negative impact.

5.    Be Ready to Learn All the Time

Humans continue to learn as they grow despite becoming adults. That said, some people close themselves off from learning and believe there is no room to learn. This can significantly harm creativity. The world is moving fast, and entrepreneurs today face problems that previously were unthinkable.

Being ready to learn all the time makes you more open to understanding these problems and finding creative solutions for them.

Matthew Nicosia’s Final Word

Creativity is a necessary skill in business management. It is essential to polish these skills and work toward a more open mind. This will give you a way to improve your creative skills by simply taking breaks, building a network, and being open to learning.